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Our Services


  • Comprehensive Clinical Assessment: At Alamance Academy we believe your treatment should be as unique as yours and should be tailored to meet your needs. Before treatment begins, one of our Licensed Clinicians will spend time getting to know you and what goals you want to address. Once this assessment is complete, an individualized treatment plan is developed with your input.
  • Individual/Peer Support Services: This service is designed to have someone support our clients that has been through mental health and/or substance abuse recovery themselves. Our Certified Peer Support Staff have been qualified through training and certification in this service and help to assist clients in becoming more independent, building natural supports, getting familiar and linked with community resources, getting linked with transportation, getting linked with employment coaching and employment and overall support.
  • Individual and Family Counseling: Counseling is available to our clients with our Licensed Clinicians to help overcome mental health and/or substance abuse challenges and lead a more fulfilling life through self-awareness and the development of skills learned through these sessions.
  • Group counseling: group sessions are available for those that want more support with others that are experiencing similar mental health or substance abuse issues. Our TCL Support Group helps individuals that are in the Transitional Community Living Program and either will be moving into their own housing or already have their own housing and has been identified as having mental health/substance abuse issues. This group assists individuals by providing a facilitated environment where clients can help guide one another and have a safe environment to discuss challenges and victories.
  • Medication Management: We can provide mental health medications through our Licensed Medical Doctor and Nurse Practitioner. Medication management is used in conjunction with another service such as counseling to enhance the effects of both.
  • Community Support Team: This is a higher level of care for clients that need a team approach and have more needs than just counseling can provide. CST assists those that are preparing to get their own housing as well as those that may be in group homes.
  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services: this is a day program for clients who have a mental health and/or substance abuse diagnosis that assists in providing activities in a structured setting throughout the day. PSR provides educational activities and helps with independent living skills such as budgeting, how to shop, clean, and how to be in a working environment within the program. It also helps to teach socialization and interpersonal skills. Transportation is provided for our PSR clients.
  • Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program (SAIOP): this program is for those individuals that have been identified with a substance abuse diagnosis and for whom it has been determined they need a higher level of care than individual counseling can provide. This is a facilitated class that is three days per week, three hours each session.
  • Foster Care/Therapeutic Foster Care: we provide training and oversight of foster care and therapeutic foster care families and children.

 Therapeutic Foster Care Services

  • Therapeutic Foster Parents &

         Foster Parents Needed

  •  What will be expected of me?

Alamance Academy acknowledges that fostering is a significant commitment to a child in need. Therefore, foster parents of Alamance Academy agree to:

  1. Work as a team/accept assistance and follow suggestions;
  2. Develop and nurture a strong support system;
  3. Advocate for the child(ren) whom we serve;
  4. Actively participate in all aspects of care (schooling, counseling, medical care, court dates, etc.);
  5. Be honest and transparent about sharing information including changes in household, employment and any medical or personal changes that alter your ability to provide care;
  6. Use Foster Care funds appropriately; 
  7. Maintain licensing standards in your home;
  8. Be available for DSS and Alamance Academy home visits;
  9. Attend required trainings;
  10. Reach out for help;
  11. Refrain from using corporal punishment on all children in your home;
  12. Treat foster children with the same privileges and rights as you would/do your own children;
  13. Assist foster children in pursuing their passions and talents; and Be a source of nurturing care, persistent involvement, and ceaseless encouragement to the children in your home

Program Descriptions

Mental Health Assessments:

  • Our team of clinicians provide mental health assessments and substance abuse assessments to assist individuals in receiving services that are appropriatefor their needs.  Assessments are provided for children, teens and adults.

Individual Support Services:

  • The Alamance Academy ISS team works with individuals to identify desired services and activities to establish links with the community to achieve their desired goals.  The program is tailored to each individual.


  • The Alamance Academy provides behavioral health services to assist people and their families that suffer from the disease of addiction.  We understand the life altering consequences involved with substance use and strive to facilitate change in a consumer's life.  Our mission involves providing the care needed to support consumers in recovery and foster development of new life skills to maintain sobriety.

OPT (Outpatient Therapy):

  • Licensed professionals are available to provide individual and family counseling.  Convenient evening hours are available.