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The Alamance Academy

Our Services

Program Descriptions

Mental Health Assessments:

  • Our team of clinicians provide mental health assessments and substance abuse assessments to assist individuals in receiving services that are appropriatefor their needs.  Assessments are provided for children, teens and adults.

Individual Support Services:

  • The Alamance Academy ISS team works with individuals to identify desired services and activities to establish links with the community to achieve their desired goals.  The program is tailored to each individual.


  • The Alamance Academy provides behavioral health services to assist people and their families that suffer from the disease of addiction.  We understand the life altering consequences involved with substance use and strive to facilitate change in a consumer's life.  Our mission involves providing the care needed to support consumers in recovery and foster development of new life skills to maintain sobriety.

OPT (Outpatient Therapy):

  • Licensed professionals are available to provide individual and family counseling.  Convenient evening hours are available.