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The Alamance Academy

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"Our vision is for every person irregardless of gender, ethnicity, or circumstance to be afforded opportunities for self-fulfillment and independent living."

Core Values:

Commitment - The Alamance Academy prides itself in our commitment to our clients, consumers and contractors.

Stability - We are committed to building our Agency in such a way that it may remain a pillar of the community and a reliable resource for individuals seeking assistance for better quality of life.

Professionalism - We will always conduct ourselves in a professional manner, and we will always treat our clients, consumers and contractors with the utmost respect.

Transparency - Our Agency is committed to doing things the "Right Way."  Our management style is one of honesty and transparency with all of our clients, consumers and contractors.  Transparency is important for any organization looking for diversity of ideas, fair treatment, and quality of service.

Quality - The Alamance Academy is committed to Quality.  Since our inception in 2007, our Agency has twice been a recipient of three (3) years CARF Accreditation. In efforts to continually provide quality service, our Agency is constantly addressing new ways to better our service delivery.

Empathy - Our most safeguarded value is empathy. We would be nothing without our community. Our Agency prides itself on remaining empathetic to the circumstances of our clients, consumers and our community. Without staying in touch with the needs of our community, we cannot effectively service our community. In the end, our clients and consumers are what is most important.

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